well, after being ‘traumied’ (Irish for traumatised) by the sweet Thai massage ladies we were treated to a return journey in the van with Roland at the helm. He has laid rubber in Wiang Papao. Which is no mean feat comsidering it is a lumping great 12 seater van…… One day we are laying cement and the next we are laying rubber…..

tonight we are going out for dinner with Supote and Mam and some of the staff from Peace Church. We are ‘frockin up’ into our new Nail Poverty tshirts which look rather suave I must say. I spoke in the sunday class for leaders this morning with an interpreter. We had fun. I hope it had some value for them, it was certainly a privilege for me.

Love to all back home, Mon

Last night we went to the village church. It was an amazing experience for us both. It was fantastic to see the whole community being together and us being a part of it. This morning we had an enjoyable time at Peace Church. Two little boys took great pleasure in distracting me (Roland) during the service by poking my hands and pulling at the hair on them.  Apparently giant hairy white people are a noveltyJ

I  (Sue) went out to take part in Sunday School for the kids. Kym came and helped too. We had plenty of fun and the flowers and the glo sticks were popular. Later today we all experienced our second massage (very enjoyable) and I even had my nails done- a first for me (Roland) no kidding ( it was really Sue)

Looking forward to tomorrow as we see some of the sights of northern Thailand. We are going to miss the lovely people we have met here.

Roland and Sue

Was a great feeling when the last of the concrete went down yesterday. I don’t think I have ever sweated this much or been this dirty. I found our time at the home church a wonderful experience. We survived the ride up the hill  and down in the back of the ute.  On the ride home  Arjay  sang hillsong it was pretty special. This mornings church service was emotional and exciting. I really enjoyed helping with Sunday school. I just wanted to take the kids home. We have had fun with massage and nails. I will be sorry to leave the wonderful people we have met.



5 Responses to

  1. Michael says:

    Wow, Sue the preacher and a statue making fun of Grainne!

    • yes, sue did preach. she shared about the healing of her knee from the other night. She spoke so well. I was incredibly proud of her.
      And Grainne and her effigy…. well, what can be said that wasn’t in the photo?

  2. elain says:

    Hi to all including giant white hairy man!!!
    as usual a misbehaving lot…. love reading the blog, but very disappointed that I haven’t read anything from you Mrs Glover(nurse nasty) just keep seeing strange photos of you instead!!
    Michael that was Grainne and her twin sister in that photo. 🙂

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