Grand Finale.

Hi there! Well today was the grand finale on site ( at least for us…)

We laid the last of the slab for  Supote and Mam’s house. When we arrived at the site this morning, there were still a number of tasks needing completion before the cement truck arrived. We got stuck into it and finished them at the moment the truck pulled into the gates. Fantastic.

It was a real joy to see the slab down. Rod is coming back during next week to put a finishing few mm on the top- to allow for polished concrete floors in the future.  To know that the project has had a real boost is very heartening.

Our moments with the Thai guys and girls have been getting more and more lively as the days have progressed. There is laughter and joking, efforts to learn language from them and us and a chance to hear their stories.

Tonight we went up to a village house church. Rough road is an understatement….. It is a small gathering of villagers- comprising up to five tribal groups. It is a precious thing to be invited into their space and shown hospitality as they made room for us and welcomed us. The stars are VERY bright out in the village. A lovely vista from the back of the ute!

We are all a bit tired and have had a superb Thai massage- we intend to head back for another tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing some of the country over the next three days, especially what Rod and Sue have been doing and where they live!


Hey everybody,

Today was a brilliant day. We finished off the last of the slab, messed around with the locals, got an authentic massage (painful) and finished the day with a great meeting in the local village church up in the hills of Wiang Pa Pao.

Dinner tonight was spicy Thai style, no knives, forks or spoons just roll up the sticky rice with your fingers and dip it in other tasty dishes.

Heading to Peace Church in the morning.

-Graeme 😀


3 Responses to Grand Finale.

  1. Elain says:

    Hi everyone,
    Just sending my love to poor Kym…that massage must have been sooooo painful, although you do have a smile on your face Kym but not a 100% sure if it is just one of those smiles that have gone beyond tears!!! Would imagine Grainne loved it, nurse nasty!! Graeme I think that you may have your mothers pain thresh hold…Any way enjoy your next few days, looks like you deserve a rest. Love to all, see you next week. xx

  2. Donna & Andrew says:

    Hi Thai Team

    Great job you gugs! Enjoy the next few days investigating the area!

    Love & blessings to all!

  3. Hadyn Siggins says:

    Well done team – Good and faithful servants. Seeing how much was to be done when we arrived on Tuesday, I would not have imagined that you could have pulled it off…obviously I only have a little faith and we have a big God. This is a marvelous work that we have started. As Kevin put it, we have seen the fire and have brought our teaspoon of water to put the fire out. We have only done a bit…but bit by bit we will slowly make a difference in the lives of a few and then in the lives of many. Enjoy your well deserved break. See you Wed/Thurs! Hadyn.

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