Even Supote is learning Irish

Language – what a barrier…what frustration! Yet somehow we still manage to communicate with counting on fingers, gestures, diagrams, and lots of smiles and thumbs up. In spite of that, together we achieved so much today. The main team set up the form work for the remaining side of the house. Lots of levelling, lots of cutting of timber planks, lots of drilling and screwing, lots of hammering in of pegs to keep it all in place…then came the sand for the fill in the middle of the house to bring it up to the right level in preparation for the concrete pour tomorrow. I (Hadyn) and Tip finished off the components for the louvers that will cover the end of the house that last year’s team worked on. This is to stop the rain from coming through. Didn’t finish…but got a good start. My MIG welding still is pretty poor…but if you melt enough metal, it seems to hang together even if it looks poor (actually, Roland had a different description for it). We are off tomorrow, will miss the team and the task, but we have added our “teaspoon” to help put out the fire.

Mon here. Well, last nights highlight for me was the language lessons form Grainne. I can now speak several words of “Irish’. These include yebeegeejit. (You big idiot), and a couple of others I forgot already. I am so good at yebeegeejit that now whenever Grainne wants to call someone a big idiot she just yells ‘MON!’ and I yell out yebeegeejit. It passes the time. As well as the shovelling of sand, sawing of wood , eating of food, tying in of reo (reinforcing for the unitiated), whic also seem to make the day fly by. We are very excited to be doing another concrete pour tomorrow and a third on Sat morning. The slab for the house will be down!

Last night during debrief, there was a plan hatched to create a spud gun which will send piglets flying from their current home to thier newly dug ‘pig hole’ on the new site. Very very thrilling aid and development work 🙂

Loving being here and loving the team and loving Supote and Mam and Doug. Loving the God who makes us a family all over the world….

Love Mon

Roland here, they’re being mean to me. Grainne is being a nasty wench, all I do is work hard all day and what thanks do I get, rude comments about the noises i can’t help making. I’m sad, I’m going to my room to hug my pillow, SUE WHERE IS MY BOTTLE???!!! I want my pink comfy slippers.



5 Responses to Even Supote is learning Irish

  1. Donna & Andrew says:

    1 message for Roland & “his sulk in his room”, hey build a bridge and get over it! (But don’t literally build a bridge though Roland, not unless it is already on the plans!)

    1 message for Mon & Grainne, I really hope you are also doing Irish jigs around the place. Mon is soooooooo good at it! Grainne, I’m expecting that you are a professional dancer!

    Blessing and prayers love Donna

  2. Michael says:

    Monica tells fibs – She’s been calling me that for years!

  3. elain says:

    Knowing you lot I can imagine that your jaw muscles are going to be just as sore as your leg and arm muscles….sounds like great craic

  4. Kristian says:

    Good Work Kym!

  5. Michael says:

    Elain, I am sure you are right. In fact, I wonder if the jaw muscles are going to get an even better workout than the other muscles…

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