Its gone off…the concrete that is.!

Another great day on the site. Form work set and then the big pour. Controlled chaos as the concrete flowed…and then the formwork blew out and we had to dig 10 tons of concrete out (well, it felt like that). Fixed the formwork and continued with the pour, the barrowing and the levelling. Up 6, down 10, up 8, down 3, up 1…perfect….Roland is just a BIT pedantic about levels. I spent some time (5 minutes) being taught how to MIG weld by Rod…then I had a go and then taught Teep, one of the local Thai guys how to MIG weld…blind leading the blind. His welding was better than mine. Think I’ll go back to supervising…those who can do…those who can’t, teach. Had a great game of cricket with the Thai kids at tea time at the church.  Hadyn.PS.  Roland says that he is an anti-blogger…think that means he can’t type…but he’s not bad with a shovel, a level and a drill.

hi – this is Karen. what a great day! it was 37 degrees in the shade at 4pm and we sweated our way through concreting and grinding and all sorts of  other buidling type things! i learnt to grind metal today! fantastic meals again – such tasty food beautifully prepared. and so muuch fun, laughter and good spirits we  were almost drowing in it!   everyone a bit manic tonight what with the heat and the excitement of getting the footings half done! thanks for messages and prayers. therre is so much to say but its hard to find words at the moment. just very glad of the opportunity to be here with this great team and these generous hopeful Thai people.

hi everyone(graeme here)

having  a great time working with the locals and the team(half the team is mad so makes it interesting…)  on the project here. been a very hot day but we managed to get the concrete poured and the supports off, ready to do the rest tomoro.


3 Responses to Its gone off…the concrete that is.!

  1. Andrew Foote says:

    So glad that reality checks are starting to arrive. Re “The team are all mad” comments – have you considered that the rest of us looking in from the outside would of sanity knew this already?
    Love and blessings to you all. Andrew

  2. Eileen says:

    Hi team Eileen here.
    Great you are all having fun and knowing you all working very hard. Glad you are having fun too. Sprinkling of rian here this morning. looking forward to all the news and antics that I will read and have enjoyed the ones written so far.
    Go team go

  3. Ruth Warwick says:

    Hi everyone

    (and a special hello to our fellow Life Groupers Roland and Sue and Kim! We missed you last weekend but were thinking of you out there in Thailand, of course!)

    Woohoo! Sounds like all the hard work is mixed with heaps of fun too. Nothing like great company and many hands to get on with the job.

    Two verses to encourage you all…both my favourites of late.

    Psalm 16:3
    And these God-chosen lives all around- what splendid friends they make!

    And this one…

    Philemon 1:7
    And I keep praying that this faith we (you) hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we (you) do, and that people recognize Christ in all of it.

    Praying and thinking of you all, hoping you are able to achieve exactly what God wants for you all both together and individually, both practically and spiritually.

    Looking forward to hearing more of the stories.

    Ruth x

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