Hi everyone – today we arrived in Thailand and we are so very glad to be here with the rest of the team. Highlights include the most beautiful drive from Chiang Mai to Wiang Pa Pao – so green and lush but before that Doug took us to visit the two blocks where Rod and Sue have been working and to the near by school. it was so good to see these places in real life – especially Rod’s Shed 🙂 then on arrival at Wiang Pa Pao we saw the home the team worked on last year – difficult to explain the joy of seeing this place with my own eyes. Dinner at Peace Church and the chance to hear more of the story of what is happening here to make a difference for children in difficult circumstances and with so much generosity with time and resources and spirit. Looking forward to cement work tomorrow!

Karen and Hadyn

Sawadee ka

Kym here, The second day has been really good. While quite a few members of the team have been doing formwork I have been doing little bits (nip noy) like helping out here and there, cutting wire, best of all using the drop saw(oh the power). My highlight was travelling Thai style in the back of the ute and it has just been great interacting with the locals.

Love Kym

Well today saw the formation of a number of traditions for our team. All instructions, once given are immediately repeated in a song of similar lyrics. Some alterations are allowed. Even Supote is now joining in!. Poor Graeme had a booboo (cut) and after a proper dressing form our first aider, he received ‘extra assistance’  from Roland in the form of an electrical tape tornique.  This needed removing at the end of the day and our resident ‘nurse nasty’ (Grainne) wanted to ‘remove it’….. The glint in her eye alerted Graeme to her impending delight at inflicting him with large amounts of pain and he ran off at high speed.  All is well with the team. They are all mad. Even Kym.  Except for Sue and Sue.

Love Mon

Sadly its all true…



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  1. Elain says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Looks like you are having a great time and lots of work been done!! Glad Nurse Nasty is there looking after my son…..or at least keeping him on his toes!!! Graeme make sure she behaves herself!!!!
    Love the photos, keep them coming.
    Love to all
    Elain xxoo

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