First Day and We Survived!

HI everyone,
after quick and terbulant flights, that most of us slept through, we’ve arrived and saw the wonderful sight of Rod and Sue waving frantically. We drove straight to Wiang Pa Pao had a lovely meal and a happy renunion for some and first time meetings for others with Supote and Mam at Peace Church. We started this morning with breakfast at the site after a good nights sleep at C&C. Some foundations had already been laid so we began with setting more formwork and we hope to have a major concrete pour on Wednesday. There was much shoveling, drilling, jackhammering and sawing. Everyone worked well together with a few of the locals all under the supervision of Rod and his trusty whistle.

Will blog again tomorrow night with more photos.

-The (Awesome)Team


One Response to First Day and We Survived!

  1. Lyn Williams says:

    Dear LBCers,
    Well I have worked out how to communicate with you this time!!! The photo’s look great. I’m not sure about the extra protein? How are you Graeme? Feeling better I pray. I am praying for you all and pray that you have strength enough for each day, achieve lots and not get sick. Love Lyn Williams

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