Getting Ready to Go!

Tonight the team had their last meeting as they prepare to go to Thailand next weekend. The team members are:

Monica O’Neil (Team leader)
Roland & Sue Taylor
Hayden & Karen Siggins
Kym Bathgate
Grainne Glover
Graeme Magowan
Rod & Sue Davidson (who are currently living in Thailand, and will be working with us on the project.)

The team is heading for the Wiang Pa pao district in northern Thailand, between the cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. They aim to assist a local ministry complete the construction and fit-out of a Youth Centre building which is part of a larger Healthy Village project serving refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

And now we are in our final countdown, we can’t wait to get started! 🙂


7 Responses to Getting Ready to Go!

  1. Michael says:

    Hi everyone!
    Hope you have all arrived safe and sound and happy!


  2. Andrew Foote says:

    Now come on guys … it’s 9.45pm here, and no word from you yet … anyone would think you’ve been travelling all day! Thinking of and praying for you all. Andrew

  3. Donna & Andrew says:

    Hi LBC Team

    We hope you had a good journey and spent today having fun with lots of building going on!

    We are praying for you all. God Bless! Donna & Andrew Foote

  4. Donna & Andrew says:

    Hello????? We’re waiting…. What’s the buzz in Thailand?????? The Feete

  5. Donna & Andrew says:

    Great photos! Glad to see the first blog. I love that little girl’s hairstyle and I think I’m going to copy it (if she doesn’t mind of course!).

    Bless you all, and you are in our prayers.

    Love Donna

  6. Donna says:

    Good morning Thai Team

    Love the photos and the blogs! Special prayers are going out for Graeme and his “booboo”. We are grateful Nurse Nasty is on site, well, we think???!!!

    Glad the Pastor and the Pastor’s wife arrived safely. Make sure they do plenty of work!!!!

    God Bless you all (a big hug for Rod and Sue).

  7. Cyrlene Burger says:

    Hi there team
    I cannot wait to get to the office very morning to check out your blog. Amazing to catch the vibe just by watching all the photo’s and read your daily notes. Wish I could go one day! You are doing a wonderful job. Enjoy every single minute of that and bless you all, still praying and PLEASE give a big hug to Rod and Sue. Tons of love, Cyrlene

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